Playin Choc


Combining her love of chocolate and nature, new parent, Maya, came up with Playin Choc. As parents we become more health conscious about what our families consume. Maya was determined that sweet does not have to mean unhealthy. Most kids love chocolate and Maya has invested a lot of time in learning about the benefits of cocoa but also about the nasty health effects of refined sugar. To get the best of both worlds she started experimenting with chocolate recipes at home using only the highest quality organic ingredients, and NO refined sugars. Maya's recipe is vegan, organic, dairy free and made out of just 3 natural ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut and vanilla.

Maya has also designed a series of fun, educational, self-assembled toys made entirely from 100% recycled, biodegradable card – including the packaging. A great way to excite children about our planet through play.

Oh, and it's the best chocolate you'll ever taste! Adults will love them too (luckily there are 2 chocolates included in each box!)